The Best Marble Flooring Ideas

Marble flooring looks very impressive in a large bathroom; but there are some considerations before choosing this floor for your bathroom. Very polished marble can be very slippery when wet and may be in a humid environment. A finely ground polish, or some rough surface, would be more practical. Another factor is the cold marble surface when walking barefoot, especially during the winter months. A solution to this is to install a radiant heating system under marble.

When these obstacles are overcome, you can enjoy marble flooring in the bathroom. Tinted marble tiles can be used on high-level safety floors for the rest of the bathroom to enjoy the luster of gloss. And then install matching floor and marble around a large whirlpool tub or inside the interior of a shower will continue to look the whole bathroom.

Other rooms, living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms are perfect for displaying beautiful and best marble flooring. The vaulted ceilings look particularly grand with a dramatic marble floor that matches a fireplace or next to the foyer or hall. A large area mat in a darker color than the floor provides a warmer atmosphere to your room, yet still reveals the beauty of marble.