Take Care of Marble Stone

How do you treat marble stone in the best way? Marble is a natural material that is porous. Each marble disc is unique in its marbling; however, all discs have one thing in common: they are sensitive to acids. Playing, it’s best to wipe the stain as fast as you can, work from the edge of the stain and in so that you do not spread the damage unnecessarily. There will not happen a few drops of wine, vinegar, lemon and carbonic acid on the disc for a little while, but after a while it will be a stain. Do you play water will also penetrate the material after a bunch of hours and form a small white spot.

Treat the marble stone with stent soap a few times at the beginning. It both impregnates and protects the stone. If you buy a table from the Concrete Mine, you get stent soap, but if you do not have one, you can iron a thin layer of light and fine oil, such as sewing oil. Spread oil on the disc and leave it overnight, the next day it is only that you wipe away any residues.

When wiping / scrubbing a stain, work from the spot and in (so that you do not spread the damage). Do not clean the marble with acidic cleaners. These agents destroy your marble stone: glycolic acid, oxalic acid, acetic acid, chlorine (pale stone), hydrogen peroxide (bleach) and caustic soda. Solvents that do not damage marble are, for example, acetone and polish away.