How to Design a Bathroom Tile Patterns

Bathroom tile patterns are a key element in the bathroom design. There are endless patterns to choose from. Tiled designs cover floors and walls, and can provide an elegant and soothing feeling to the room if done properly. You must take into account the color scheme of the bathroom and the contrast in color within the pattern. You should also consider what type of mood you want for the bathroom and choose a pattern that will make a statement without becoming overbearing or outdated.

How to design a bathroom tile patterns, choose a color scheme that you want to be satisfied with. Warm colors add a comfortable feeling, but cool colors create a calming effect. Decides for one or two contrasting colors for use. One will be the color of the main wall tiles, and the other can the floor color, as well as the border or pivot pattern color. Find a focus point in the space you want your eye to be attracted to. This will usually be around the eye level on the backside of the bathtub, or about the shoulder level in a ring around the shower interior.

Determine if your bathroom is large or small. If your bathroom is small, choose small tiles that will make it look bigger. They can be as small as 1 square inch, and go up to about 4 of 4 inches in this category. If the room is large, choose larger tiles, usually between 6 square inches and 12 square inches. Small tiles are better to grip when they are on the floor, but can be harder to clean. Visit a tile store or review bathroom photo magazines and websites to choose bathroom tile patterns based on your decisions about color, size and focus point type.