Kitchen Design Ideas for a Gray Tile Backsplash

Most kitchen designs include a gray tile backsplash between the counter and cabinets. This area of ​​the kitchen is a perfect and best place to show a decorative element. There are gray tile backsplash designs to complement a modern or traditional style kitchen.

Kitchen design ideas for a gray tile backsplash with two sizes tile, create interest in the room using two very different sizes of tiles in an area. This can be an expanded metro title with a border of mosaics or changing stripes of 6 x 12 inch tiles and long, thin 1/2 x 8 inch tiles. Keep colors in the two tiles complementary, but with subtle shadow differences to increase the effect. For example, multiple shades of earth colors or two green shades use. The idea is to draw attention to the two sizes, but not to be visually disharmonious.

Using two different materials is an effective way to accent the kitchen gray tile backsplash. For example, use a tile together with another material such as sticks or use special tile behind the hob – with a cheaper tile filling areas along the counters. There should be a coherent element between the two tiles, such as hand cut glass with rustic stone, or polished stone with machine made ceramics. Keep the edges of the two materials similar so that the contrast remains in surface texture and color.