Victorian Living Room Floor Tiles

Victorian living room floor tiles, original or reproductions, are usually with the same structure of regular modern ceramic tiles. This makes it especially important to assess and adjust the tiling of tiles in advance mortaring them down to ensure that the cuts will not interrupt the design living room floor tiles in a way that is uninteresting.

Use a chalk snap line to snap two perpendicular lines over the middle of the floor, divide it into four. Put a square at the intersection of the lines to make sure they are square to each other, adjust the lines as needed. Lay your Victorian living room floor tiles along the lines without mortar, place spacers between them. Consider how big tiles on both ends of the floor will be, such a measure that spans a tile to assess whether the cuts in the edges of the room will split up flat designs in ways that will look bad.

Then to put living room floor tiles, take up the tiles. Spread thinset mortar over the middle of the floor, where the aligned lines intersect, using a toothbrush. Set the first time in place at the junction surrounded by the two lines. Put wedges between them. Spread more mortar around tiles and put more pieces that work your way out on the lines and the building in a lattice pattern. Cut the tiles in the edges of the room as needed with a wet saw. Let the mortar be set for 24 hours.