Ideas of Cultured Stone Fireplace

Cultured stone fireplace – Fireplaces are not only functional by providing heat to your home or outdoor space, they are considered by most to be aesthetically appealing. There are many types of fireplaces, including those that have a stone surround. If you decide on stone is the right choice for your fireplace, you can choose from many styles, some of which are more affordable than others

You can choose from a wealth of stone to your fireplace. They may vary in color, size and texture. A popular idea for cultured stone fireplace is to choose a shade that is opposite your wall color. If your walls are dark, choose bright stones. If your walls are bright, choose dark-colored stones. Large stones of varying sizes are common and look good. Textured stones are popular as well and give the home a more rustic look.

For a cheaper solution than real stone, pearls stone is actually a stone veneer that is installed on top of a wire mesh located on top of your drywall or panels. It looks like real stone and will help to make a fantastic fireplace for your home at a fraction of the price. It’s also something an average “weekend warrior” can install itself, saving labor costs. Normally cultured stone fireplace stretch from the fireplace to a few meters above the fireplace opening. A jacket is then placed on top. Instead, you can get the rocks expanded to the ceiling, continuing beyond Mantel. Keeping it on the same width will give you the awe factor, you can be looking for when people enter the room.