Beautiful and Elegant Light Colored Granite

Light colored granite is one of the most used materials for the kitchen benches. It is delivered in hundreds of shades ranging from light to dark in a wide range of colors and patterns. No two granite are exactly the same, either structurally or in terms of color and motion. Some stones may work well in some kitchens for functional or aesthetic reasons, while others do not. Learning to use a dark or light granite in a space can help you make the right decision for your home.

Much light colored granite is actually sparkling or they can even be metamorphic stones, rather than magmatic rocks. They are more porous than darker rocks and are more likely to require an impregnation sealer on a regular basis to help prevent staining.  Light colored granite work well in small, dark or cramped kitchens because they reflect light and can help visually open the space. Bright granite work well in kitchens where there is a bright floor to balance the lighter dish and give the kitchen a more uniform look.

Bright granites can show off more of their secondary colors, such as cranberries, green or blue spots, which can help lend a color palette to the rest of the room. Some colors of light colored granite can also be more subtle patterns with less dramatic veins, perfect for more traditional kitchen designs as well.