Design of Floor and Decor Backsplash

Floor and decor backsplash – Many homeowners use their backsplashes to accent their existing kitchen decor, choice of materials and patterns that emphasize and frame their kitchen architectural features and fixtures. When choosing a backsplash, do not forget the functional purpose. Choose one of durable dirt repellent material. Sometimes backsplash behind the oven in a kitchen gets all that attention. The floor backsplash is often treated as an afterthought and a decor place child. The truth is, the word backsplash plays an important role in a kitchen. It protects appliances and enclosures against scratches, splashes, water and aging. Put an end to the neglect of floor backsplash design. Use creative ideas to give your floor backsplash design treatment that it is due to.

Use colors and materials that attract attention for floor and decor backsplash your kitchen. Whether the backsplash is flush or recessed, use materials that will make your backsplash a standout. For example, use bright tiles, tie, in with the color scheme of your counters.

Create design continuity by utilizing the same tiles used for the main floor and decor backsplash in the kitchen. But if the main backsplash tiles are pricey, you can choose tiles that coordinate with the color scheme of the main backsplash to save money. If your counters are a dark granite or marble, choose a dark porcelain tile in gray, brown or black to the floor backsplash that has glazed ceramic or enamel finish. You can also use a tile edge strip to add creativity to a tree-based backsplash.