Princess White Granite and Blue Slate Design

Princess White granite and slate are natural stone materials that can add a striking look to many rooms in your home. The pairing of princess white granite and blue slate in particular, but creates the most eye-catching appearance, as the stones give a bold contrast to each other. You can use granite and slate tiles in your kitchen, bathroom, living room or dining room to create a variety of designs, depending on the style you prefer for the space.

Although there are many backsplash patterns with princess white granite and blue slate that can give your kitchen a striking look, a chess box gives the boldest look because the contrast between the plates is repeated throughout the surface. The pane pattern is particularly eye-catching with granite and slate plates, not only because of the difference in color but because of the difference in texture, as well. It’s also a simple pattern for do-it-yourself to tackle, as you simply switch plates in the area behind your sink and eat. For a different look, place each type of tile in rows to create a striped effect for backsplash.

Tiles are an ideal cover for bathroom walls because it is well placed in a humid environment. Using two different tiles like princess white granite and blue slate is an ideal construction because they add dimension and visual interest to the walls. But in a small space like a bathroom, a chessboard or striped pattern can make the space very difficult.