Locking file cabinets to Provide Maximum Protection and Access Control

Most locking file cabinets are equipped with an integrated locking system. There are many types of locking systems available. Basically, you have a key-type or keyless model. It is important that you choose the type of furniture with a lock that can provide maximum security, protection, and access control. Key-based Key Cabinet files differ in type, style and keying options for vertical files, lateral files, and custom built file furniture. When it comes to lock-based keys, a popular type is a tumbler pin key that has different pin lengths on its inside. Another type is a tubular tumbler lock that has horizontal and open pins.

Another category of keys is a cam lock that is opened and closed by a lock and a plunger key that requires a startup key only. In closing or relocking, all you have to do is press the cylinder. If you want additional security, you can attach the keypad door lock as an additional level of protection to the internal locking device. With respect to electronic locking systems and access control mechanisms in filing cabinets, there are also various models with different designs, shapes, sizes and functional features.

There is a revolutionary electric locking device for cabinets currently under development. It is powered by an actuator, an electronic module for power control, a rotatable cam connected to an actuator and a lifter pin that can be rotated vertically by cam rotation. The lift lifter operator receives the lifter pin while the locking bar goes into a locked or locked position in response to cam rotation. This model will soon be on the market.

There is also a chest of drawers with individual e-lock access mechanisms. Access control is given to certain individuals. Official users can open the drawer separately via PC. The display screen in front of the chest of drawers contains an open drawer cabinet. All the other drawers were closed. Other electronic locking systems are operated by handheld radio transmitters for unlocking. The cabinet is automatically locked after the set interval is guided and monitored by the LED (Light Emitting Diode) device. Another feature is an emergency opening if the radio control transmitter is lost and the operating mechanism is manual. It’s also battery operated and easy to use.

The unique code locking system of the file cabinet has two passwords and a combination of numbers for superiors and users. Note buttons and day monitors, cabinet date and time accessed. When idle, the info is displayed on the display screen. Other file cabinet locks have a sophisticated LCD electronic key system with backlit keypad. It comes with programmable PIN access and a tubular keypad lock. In choosing a cabinet key, it is recommended to get a branded locking system From a Reputed Manufacturer.