Treatment Navy Blue Velvet Chair

Navy blue velvet chair and velvet clothing are delicate items that should be handled with care to clean them. For example: do not put that type of clothes in the washing machine or rub too hard the velvet furniture. If in doubt, look for a professional cleaning service. However, some types of velvet can be cleaned with care at home. Velvet fabric is used to make clothes, upholstery, curtains and other household items. Due to its luxury material, velvet requires special care. According to, the textile industry uses special codes to indicate specific cleaning techniques.

Velvet is classified as an “S” code cloth, which means that it should only be cleaned with water-free solvents. Such solvents include common household items, which can successfully remove water stains from blue velvet accent chair. Check the material type. Velvet cleaning experts suggest hiring professional services if the velvet is made of silk, acetate or rayon. These materials are delicate and can be damaged by home cleaning. Vacuum the velvet furniture before cleaning. Take the brush attachment from the vacuum cleaner and wipe the velvet along the line. Lint is the velvety surface. You should vacuum the velvet in this way once a week so that it continues to look good.

You should also vacuum the velvet before trying to remove a stain. When vacuuming the velvet, loose debris or materials should be removed which will worsen the stain or the appearance of the velvet? Do it very gently so as not to damage the fabric. Pour a coin-sized amount of dry cleaning liquid free of water into a clean white cloth. Dry the fabric along the water stain on the vintage velvet chair from the outer edge of the stain and moving inward. Do not leave the cleaning liquid dry for a long time, as the liquid may cause the fabric dyes to run. Turn on a hair dryer and direct the hair dryer nozzle on the stain to quickly dry the velvet cleaning liquid.

Brush the velvet chair with a soft bristle brush to restore the nap. To avoid solid color changes in the fabric, be sure to finish the brushing in the correct direction area. Analyze the dry wash liquid in a small, discreet area of the velvet accent chairs living room​fabric before cleaning the water stains. Stop using the liquid if velvet dye is run or fade. Always use solvents in well-ventilated areas and keep them away from open flames. Wipe the velvet with a clean, dry cloth. Now, take a clean cloth like a Turkish towel. You should let the velvet dry. You can use a fan or a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.