Blue Granite Countertops for Interior Kitchen

Blue granite countertops – When remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you have a wide range of materials to use for countertops. Some countertops are extremely durable, but this is reflected in the price, while others may be cheaper but not as durable. Choosing a countertop also depends on your interior design and plans for your home.

Granite is very common, but also more expensive than laminate. Professional installation for a blue granite countertops ranges from $ 50 to $ 100 per square meter, whereas laminate countertops are half, from $ 25 to $ 50 per square meter. If you have your heart set on granite, you can get granite tiles for $ 30 to $ 50, but most places require you to have the skills to install them yourself, which is perfect if you are a do-it-yourself type of person .

Pros and cons of blue granite countertops, granite is an incredibly hard material, with a value of 6.5 on scale of hardness. Since it is one of the hardest types of rock, it is sustainable beyond other types of rock. It is resistant to scratches, and hot items can be placed directly on the surface without risk of damage. Several colors are available to have countertops. The primary disadvantage of granite is that it is so expensive and requires professional sealing to prevent discoloration or other damage.