Table for One Arm Sofa

A sofa is one of the largest investments of furniture that are carried out, and also one of the most permanent. Even if we look for one as a temporary solution that ends up degraded from the living room to the guest room or the playroom. Before we realize it will be ten years and that impulse purchase will have become part of our life. So better think meaningfully about the needs you must cover before buy this one arm sofa regardless of whether the type of upholstery matches the rest of the room. If the backrest is so high that barely leaves a gap in the wall on which it supports, if you have so much bottom that it is mounted with the armchairs that it has to its side or if it has arms so wide that they leave hardly room for an auxiliary table or to circulate to its side.

Today’s DIY is a family request and it’s been a long time since our mother took us saying that it would be very comfortable if the one arm chaise lounge had a stable surface in which to release the controls, the mobile phone. And finally her idea has been made a reality and here we bring you the final result, a comfortable table for the sofa arm made with pallet wood. Measure the arm of the sofa and cut the wood as we want. We have used the width of two boards of pallet wood to give it greater surface and that we fit a glass of refreshment without problems. Pallet wood is not completely regular so it does not match perfectly when joining the pieces. But nothing happens; this gives a rustic point to the table very monkey.

We decide which sides of the wood we want to see and try to marry them. Once we have chosen the layout that best fit, we can help a drill or multi-tool to make the nails. So that not only will be easier nailing us but we avoid the risk that the wood will open and spoil the piece. To help keep the structure and keep us well fixed, before launching to nail we will apply carpenter’s tail on both sides to join. And we have only to give the hammer and nail the nails carefully with your fingers.  Let the glue act and strengthen the structure. And without further ado we already have our auxiliary table or support for the one sided arm sofa. It is very comfortable and perfect to have located the mobile or the controls that always end up tucked between the cushions and are versatile because it also serves as an auxiliary table to support drinks or bowls.