How To Keep A Off White Sectional Sofa

White color looks very messy and unpleasant with stains and dirt on it. Thus off white sectional sofa requires a lot of maintenance. Those who have kids and pets at home or those who don’t have very sophisticated guests coming home, must not go in favor of white sofas. White color catches dirt quickly. Whether you’re off white sofa is of leather or fiber, dirt needs to be dusted every day. If you don’t have a servant for the purpose and you yourself are very lazy in house cleaning then white is not meant for you. Don’t waste your money by buying off white sectional sofas if you’re much careful.

Maintenance of leathery off white sectional sofa is much easier that sofa in velvety or other fabric materials. The leather sofa has to be kept safe from pointed and sharp objects. Dusting is required every day. If you see dust stain on your leather sofa, soak a cloth with soft moisturizing soap and rub over the dirt stain. You must avoid harsh detergents and cleaning agents otherwise the shine of the leather will vanish very soon. When you buy a sofa, usually you get a customer’s guide along in which it is mentioned whether your sofa material is color fast or not. Do not ever soak the leather of your sofa in water. After rubbing off the stain with a damp cloth, when the leather is almost dry rub it with a dry cloth for the shine to reappear.

Different stain erasing agents can be used if it is mentioned in your customer’s guide that your off white sectional sofa is color fast. If the color of your off white sofa is not steady then these stain removing agents will fade the bright white look. Oil is a stain remover for different types of ink. Alcohol and vinegar can also be used as de-staining agents. All family members should avoid sitting on the off white sofa if their clothing are not color fast. You must also make the same request to your guests when suitable. Also guide your guests to remove sharp objects from their pockets like a metallic key before sitting on the leather sofa.

If you want your off white sectional sofa to have its genuine and elegant neat look for long, then never place white sofas in the lounge or bedrooms. Avoid placing colored cushions on your white couch if there are chances these they will stain your clean white Sofa.