The Comfortable Contemporary Sofa Bed

A sofa bed does not have to look like it belonged to your granny. The was a time when it was quite clear if a sofa was a bed as well, now there are great contemporary sofa bed designs which you would actually want in your home. With so many of us living in apartments in order to be near our jobs there is an ever increasing demand for well-designed contemporary sofa beds. Whatever you favorite sofa design then there is a good chance that you can get a very similar design for a sofa bed.

One of the currently popular contemporary sofa designs is the L shaped sofa. These are also available as a sofa bed and they tend to turn into huge luxurious beds. The best design is when a section pulls out from underneath the longest side of the L, turning the sofa into a huge rectangular bed. Although this is a wonderful size bed to wallow in there are two draw backs to the design.

Firstly since the seat of the sofa forms part of the bed, then if this compacts or sags, the comfort of the bed can be quite badly affected. The second issue with this design is that the bed is quit hard, as the comfort of the bed is based on the padding on top of a frame and there is little or no bounce to the bed. So although the L shaped sofa will look like a great sofa and will make a large bed it is not necessarily the most comfortable bed.

If you are looking for a really comfortable contemporary sofa bed then you really need to look for a sofa where the beds have a metal frame. These offer most comfort as the mattress is on a mesh or fabric which is pulled taught and is held in place by a series of springs to the frame. The other advantage of these styles is that the seat of the sofa and the mattress of the bed are independent, so the wear on one does not affect the comfort of the other. It also means that the sofa cushions and the mattress can be replaced if required. So if you are about to head out to look for your perfect contemporary sofa bed then you need to look not only at the appears and design, but also how it will wear and how you will maintain it.