Kitchen Counter Height Stools as Dining Seat

Kitchen counter height stools – The kitchen has always been one of our favorite places in a house. Not only because it is where the rich recipes we make are out. It is also a very pleasant place to spend long periods of chatting with family and friends. Whenever the size of the room accompanies it, of course, which is not our case? But dreaming is free (so far), so every once in a while we like to think about what our future kitchen might look like, and one of the details that draws a lot of attention to us in other kitchens is kitchen counter height stools . It seems a decorative idea for the most interesting cookery.

Aesthetically we think that they can look great in kitchens. Especially ones are with integration to the living room, in which the division marks the bar. Most of the decorative ideas we’ve seen go along that line, using them as real bar stools. And that, to those who like bars, gives us a good vibes. To make them perfect and really comfortable to use is simple. You have to have a bar that is literally high enough to “fly” enough to sit on the folding counter height stools without bumping your knees against the wall.

Kitchen Counter Height Stools for Your Space

A space where we usually drink coffee in the morning, while we check emails or headlines on the tablet … browse recipe books, order the mail … or be with a accompany and chatting on the task of cooking, having a glass of wine. It is while watching the development of the preparation of the menu of the day. It consists of introducing the cafeteria atmosphere at home and you need nothing more than a shelf, which is not very thick, a couple of stools. Your kitchen becomes a meeting place, instead of simply a space to cook. Counter height stools for kitchen and dining seat support comfort when sitting and dining.

As for the decorative style, you can see that there are many options. We personally were left with a combination of wood top and furniture in white or beige. We have always been a very nice combination of colors and materials. To that we would add some comfortable modern style bar stools, to be able to pass long desserts without tiring too much. We are sure that they would become the preferable place to sit and chat while someone is cooking, or to have breakfast in the morning … Any of them, because you know that there is nothing that makes you happier than having breakfast twice.