Bar Stools Counter Height In The Kitchen

The bar stools counter height are perfect in a modern setting, or to recreate a small, original corner bar where to chat or have an aperitif with friends. Choose the ones that best fit your needs. High stools are a piece of furniture that is usually placed in bars or banqueting rooms. In these environments, in fact, stools are needed that allow you to reach a heighthigher than the classic table. These furnishing components, however, can also be chosen for their own home, for example for the most modern kitchens. The most innovative furnishing solutions. In fact, include a work plan also used to have breakfast or to consume a quick snack. In front of this support plane, therefore, you can have multiple tall stools according to the number of people you have to accommodate.

Bar height chairs can have different heights. And, in some cases, can be arranged at different heights by means of a simple regulation mechanism. Independently of individual models, these furnishing components generally stand at 60 cm. The kitchen is not the only room that can accommodate tall stools. In fact, they can be chosen for your stay or for other rooms. The choice of the stools, of course, involves inserting a table higher than the standard ones. This combination allows you to recreate in your own apartment a small, original corner bar, perfect for chatting or having an aperitif with friends. This furnishing solution fits above all in modern environments and is furnished in an innovative manner. As for the aesthetic appearance, bar height table and chairs can have shapes and colorsdifferent. A widespread solution and represented by the backless stools resting on a single metal foot.

At the same time, more classical solutions are available. Such as leather- rested chair and backrest or high-rise wooden stools. The shape and material should also be evaluated in a practical way. Considering the most convenient and most suitable solution for the environment for which you are choosing the stool. Although more sought-after than classic chairs, bar stools for kitchen counters are easy to clean and generally do not require special attention. As far as possible, however, avoid stinging stools with oily or indelible substances. For daily cleaning, however, you can use a cotton or microfiber cloth. Adding a delicate detergent or even a few drops of water if needed. Spraying and cleaning the surfaces frequently, you can keep it in good condition.