Fitting Glass Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Glass mosaic tile backsplash are often used on kitchen backsplashes for their style, versatility and light reflective properties. Because they do not require the use of an expensive tile saw to install, many homeowners can put them up themselves. While the sheets rise 12 inches at a time, making installation easy, the many joints between the small plates can seem scary to fill. Glass mosaic grouting much the same as larger plates, except that the entire plant is to be covered in grouting to avoid missing any of the joints.


Wait at least 48 hours after installing glass mosaics tile to ensure that the mortar has dried. Glass is a non-absorbent material; it cannot absorb moisture from mortar to help dry out, so the moisture must fly through the many joints in the installation. Scoop a fist large amount of abrasive grouting at the end of an epoxy grout float and press it on the plates. Turn the float so that it sits on the length of the plates at a 45 degree angle to the backsplash. Drag over tiles from several angles, covering all the tiles and their joint with joint. Turn the float closer to 90 degrees from the backsplash and scrape over the surface of the mosaic. This will remove any excess flux from the plates but not from the joints. Inspect the installation carefully and push extra joint in all joints that missed the first pass.

Allow the grout to dry for 10 minutes, and then work a slightly moistened sponge in a circular motion over a small part of the plates. Turn it over and rework the same section. Rinse the sponge and continue to work it over the glass until unnecessary use has been removed from the surface. Wait two hours ago to polish the surface of the glass with a soft cloth to remove the grout haze. Wait 24 hours before installing outlet cover or get backsplash wet. Injection farming continues to dry for two to three weeks. Fill the corners and straighten the angles of the installation with a thin strand of ground seals that match the color of the grout. Press a thin line of it in the corners then use your finger to smooth it in place.

Glass mosaic backsplash installed as a backsplash behind a kitchen counter top will update the look of the kitchen and the depths, texture, reflective elements and a sense of luxury. Installing mosaics takes three days for most kitchens. Choose tile in a variety of colors to complement your existing kitchen interior. Measure carefully and buy 5 percent more tiles than you think you have to take into account broken plates or other problems.