Newest Sleigh Bed King Size and Style

Do you know sleigh bed king? Surely you have seen them some time, although it is very possible that by name they do not sound to you, so we are going to explain to you in what they consist. Sleigh beds have head and back of feet curved or rolled, as well as sleds pulled by dogs, hence name. They can be found in wood, steel, iron, aluminum wicker and even leather, but whatever your material, it will become center of any bedroom. But these beds not only offer aesthetic, but also provide comfort, relaxation and comfort. Do you want to know a little more about them?

Sleigh beds are more traditional than most people think. Its origin dates back to reign of Louis Philippe in France from 1830 to 1848. While sleigh beds are remarkably old-fashioned and naturally give a room a luxurious, old-fashioned, modern sleigh-style beds are making an appearance on market, done of materials such as chromium and steel. Sleigh bed full size became very popular during Victorian era, but over time has been able to gain even more popularity. In fact, although contemporary designs have evolved a lot, former were created according to French and American influence in seventeenth century, inspired by ancient Roman and Greek designs.

As we mentioned before, nowadays they not only offer design. At present they are made with quality materials, so comfort is indisputable. In addition, sleigh beds can be found in all sizes, including king size, one of best-selling lately. In my opinion, this bed is perfect to put it right in middle of bedroom, where it will become main point of decoration, also getting stay is organized in an original way. And if size of your room does not allow it, you can also place it leaning against wall without losing its charm, although you must be careful with rest of decoration so that bed does not lose its grace.

Give even newest antique sleigh bed a vintage look by painting it with crunching paint for a shabby chic look. Characteristic shape of sleigh bed and cracked paintwork will work together to give your entire room an artistic, yet rustic look. Achieve this crunchy look with a couple of methods: apply a base coat and then another coat of paint maybe a similar or contrast and then a final clear crunch final that will crackle paint beneath it. Alternatively, purchase paint that creaks when it dries. This aspect is suitable for sleigh beds in rooms which already have several period accents.