Fabulous Ideas for Having Portable Wet Bar

The timings that seem timeless make it difficult to reconcile work and family life. And let’s not talk about social. When you get home tired, what you least desire is to change to come out again. So we come up with a great idea: set up portable wet bar at home. This may be the ideal solution to have the secret space we longed for when we were young, a place of the home equipped with the favorite drinks and with a fabulous multimedia equipment, but also you can incorporate table games like the billiards or the table football. It is about having a space to relax, either with friends or with the couple.

No need to consider a great facility to have a bar. And being small does not mean it’s like those bland hotel minibars. The idea is to assemble a small piece of furniture that matches the decoration of the room or the living room, which will be equipped with at least two or three tall stools. Then, if possible in the back or in the structure of the furniture, are placed the drinks to prepare our favorite drinks. If enough space is available in the living room, you can consider mounting home bar sets that runs almost from side to side of the wall. In the central part is placed a TV screen, ideal to watch football matches or movies, and to the sides, shelves to leave handy wines, spirits and other drinks.

If you like the rustic style, you cannot leave aside a bar of these characteristics. The central bar is presented with a solid wood board, supported by a concrete structure, and covered in the front by wooden boards treated with a dark varnishing. The stools, round and rotating, give a retro touch that combine very well with the aesthetics of muted and warm colors. Meanwhile, filament lights give you a share of modernity that balances the place, ideal for sharing the best moments with friends.

There is no need to have a large space in the basement or in the living room to set up small home bar. With a little ingenuity you can mount it in the kitchen. Placing different modules in the wall, little by little you can fill them with the drinks that are of our preference. Including, also with nice glasses or a practical coffee machine to delight us with the best espressos or cappuccinos.