How to Hang Mini Crystal Chandelier

Mini crystal chandelier can add elegance and refinement to any room they are hanging in. If you have decided that you would like to hang it up on your own at home, know that it may be a bit tricky and take some preparation to do well. But when you’re done and see what it can give to your room, the effort will have been well worth it.


Prepare to hang the mini crystal chandelier on the ground so that your arms are not strained by trying to keep the chandelier all the time. Make sure your chain is the length you want your chandelier to hang, and cut out excessively with your pliers. Close the link by using your pliers to crush the open ends of the link together again. Install the head hook on the chain or other hanging device your chandelier. Do this by taking your pliers and cutting open one side of the end link of the chain. Slide the closed circular section of the head hook through the link so that the chain and main hook are attached and the chandelier can now hang with the head hook.

Pull the cables through the circular opening of the head hook (the part that is connected to the chain). Then slide the coupling pad plate cover over the chain, with the convening side of the plate placed against the mini crystal chandelier. Turn off electricity to the room where you hang the chandelier. Place your ladder under the open connection box in the ceiling, where you will hang the chandelier, and then climb the ladder. Screw the main hook into the connector box receiver (there is a slotted hole inside the connector box where you can screw the hooks in). Make sure that the wires in the junction box and on the chandelier are out of the way when doing this.

Connect the cables from the connector box and chandelier together. Do this by taking a cable from the connector box and one from the chandelier and put their exposed ends into a thread nut and twist the thread nut clockwise. Make sure that you connect earth cables (wires without insulation) from the connector box and chandelier together. It does not matter which insulated cables you connect together after that, as long as you come from the connector box and the other is from the chandelier. Fold the wires back into the connector box and slide the connector box cover over the open connector box. Secure the plate by turning the nut that came with the plate properly.

Tips and warnings

Compare the weight of your chandelier to the luminaire it replaces. If the chandelier is heavier than the old game order, you must replace the old junction box with one that holds more weight. The connector box is what keeps the electrical wires and fixtures in the ceiling. It is installed in the ceiling holes that are made for luminaires.