Amazing Contemporary Wall Clocks DIY Projects

Every time it makes more sense to recycle in our homes, because as you know, most of the objects that we believe are no longer useful, we always end up giving the way to be able to give a new life, thanks to the internet today can be found the idea or the creative spark to re-use virtually any object to create another. Well, today is the turn of the wall clocks. Below, we are going to show you a collection of DIY projects to make contemporary wall clocks with recycled objects. You will see that with a few everyday objects, a clock mechanism that you can find in any craft store, and a good kick of creativity, you can make your own wall clock in the simplest and original way possible Are you ready? Let’s go there.

The first idea is a wall clock that made with the wheel rim of a bicycle. What a wonder of the clock. As you see, you do not need much more than the rim of an old bike, if it is a little deteriorated, we can paint it with enamel paint of the color that you want, and all we have left, will be adding the mechanism of the clock, which has already I said earlier, you can find it in any craft store. Do not tell me that this watch is not original! It is super simple, economic and original, you only need to collect some magazines to put in one form as a unique wall clocks, the person who made this watch I need 3 to 4 magazines. You will also need the mechanism of a watch, white glue, a pencil, and a hot silicone glue gun. The procedure is simple, is to go scrolling the pages and go sticking them with patience.

Magnificent and simple DIY cool wall clocks project that we can do from home, which will also serve to decorate our living room wall, bedroom or any stay we want, with the best moments and memories captured in photographs. There is also a project of beautiful clock created on a recycled old wooden door. You will need to buy the clock mechanism with the numbers, and anchor it at the door. Perfect for original and fun decor. As I said, recycled things for those who like to decorate our home with unique and original objects, they get a lot of value, so our advice is that before throwing something in the trash, always think about what you can reuse it, because in addition to collaborating with the environment as you see, we can get some of the most original decorative unusual wall clocks objects for our house.