Designer Tiles Bathtub

Designer tiles – If you design your own bathroom and want to move away from the conventional bathtub, you can design your own tile bathtub that fits a different function or create a unique look. You can design your ball to accommodate a single user like in a Japanese bathroom or accommodate half a bath as in a Turkish bath. Tile ball designs are as versatile as the imagination of home designs, and add to a home’s value at resale time

Notice the location of the water supply and sewer residue pipes in your home so you know where to place luminaries in your design. Measure the area where you designer tiles tub. Make sure the size of the cart meets the home code. You may not be able to design a ten-person Turkish-style bathtub on another floor whose structure does not carry the weight of a full tub, for example.

Contact your local Roman bath code. Some codes require a metal cap, while others require a fiberglass lining. Understand the code of your area before designing your bathtub. Determine the feature you are looking for. If you want a Japanese-style single person tub, design the tub, so it reaches the shoulders of a seated person. Follow Roman Bath Codes in designing your bathtub. Alternatively, you’ll find a Greek style bathtub or Japanese-style bathtub and design a tiled covering around it. Designer tiles pattern on your tub in accordance with the bathroom theme.