Easy Bronze Wall Art Project

Even bronze wall art can help visual impressions of your home, it is not necessary for you to embellish all your walls with expensive paintings and sculptures to pervade them with a welcoming or artistic feel. Instead, consider embellishing your home with your own wall art, which you can do by modifying or framing items that you already possess.

Rama Vintage Towels and Blankets

Frame towels, pillow cases and tablecloths that are too uneven to use. Colors and patterns that appear in the age up close can see only antique when hung on a wall. Choose a pillow or tablecloth that has affective value, cut it to fit into a regular frame, and hang it. An old tablecloth can look good in a kitchen while a preserved printed towel can find a new home in a bathroom. Fill Corkboard with Postcard. Attach postcards from places you have visited a large corkboard. Postcards are often bought as souvenirs and are kept in albums or memory boxes, and therefore rarely seen. Share your travels by making an artwork of your postcards. You can also organize the postcards thematically by placing them in chronological order or geographically.

Use Vintage Kitchen as a frame

Turn your vintage kitchen items into bronze wall art frames by attaching photos to them. Old serving trays, plates and saucepans serve as a frame when photos or photographs are glued to them. Metal items work best because they are reflective but ceramic pieces look nice too. Rama used items. Rather than throwing objects after they have been used, consider reusing them in whimsical wall art. For example, old calendar pages can be framed as a set or used to make a collage. Should you organize the pictures after the season or theme? Alternatively, flowers from favorite bouquets or your garden can be dried and pressed into beautiful vintage inspired art. When fully prepared, the flowers secured a piece of fabric or Kraft paper and framed them.

Hang Old signposts

Nail old registration plates to your bronze wall art for a funky, modern look. You can buy cheap vintage registration plates in flea markets and second hand stores. If you collect each state, consider making a signpost map by arranging the plates according to their states. If you do not want to nail the plates directly into your wall, nail them into a flat piece of plywood and hang it from the wall.