Contemporary Wall Decor Metal

Contemporary wall decor metal is just a great way to describe what is decorative today as you sit and ponder the interior of your house. Retro means going back in time to simulate an older interior while futuristic means decor that may one day — but probably not — become contemporary at an indefinite time. Contemporary wall decals mean taking advantage of what is easily accessible and imprinting your own personal and customized accent on it.

Japanese Serenity

Buy a Japanese divider screen; place your bed low on the ground and paint the wall decor metal in a nice, dark color that promotes contrast. The contrast becomes big white Japanese script characters. Get rid of your acquisitions and turn the room into a calming spot free from distractions where you can get some reading or work. A very cool modern wall decor idea is going to the store where you get your color. Pick up one of these cards to show how eggshell differs from white chocolate. Choose your favorite shades on just one of these cards and turn the room into a giant painting test card. Paint from below so that your walls show at least three shades or shades. Or, you can go for the whole package by painting your walls six different shades of pink, blue or white.

Monochromatic design

The monochromatic decor never goes out of style. Well, maybe in the late 1960’s and early 70’s when psychedelic colors were classically black and white, but it has long been back in style as a contemporary choice. Black and white wall decor can mean many things. It may mean white walls with black trim and casting. It may mean half the wall is white and half black. It can be white with big black stair lines. Your monochromatic contemporary wallpapers even mean blown up black and white photographs. Do not be afraid to cut pictures in different places to give the design an artistic blossom.

Background Geometry

Geometric patterns always have a place in a modern interior. Go a little bit by putting wallpaper on the lower half of the wall. Before you do, you want to cut out circles, squares, triangles or rectangles from the wallpaper that you will then place above the walled wallpaper. You can make these geometric patterns symmetrical, or you can just randomly place them on the wall. Make or buy some simple wooden boxes and attach them to the walls as stand-alone open shelves. Place the boxes in a symmetrical pattern, or place them in one step. The shelves can hold anything you want to put on display courtesy of your wall.