The Key Is In White Full Size Headboard

If when you go to sleep you do not know how you get to the room of fatigue you drag, you may not have seen the possibilities that your headboard has. That’s why we bring you 8 different proposals to give you the attention you deserve. With a shelf, integrated lamps or hollows to store … Discover all the decorative possibilities and storage that hides. Take advantage of this dead space of the room and place a headboard to put the bed. Its 25 cm deep “hide” extra space to keep under the top lid. Remember to place those objects you use least so you do not have to open it constantly. This made in wood and painted white full size headboard will also allow you to enjoy the sun while you are in bed. Is there a better plan for weekend mornings?

This proposal is for you, if you have always wanted to feel like a palace. The headboard is made of wood and painted in gray; has two iron clamps to hold the linen falls hanging from the crown fixed in the center of the wall. The bedding in white and the wall painted in thick stripes in white and gray complete the styling of this small and bright room. The bedside tables are also key pieces to add personality to the decoration.

Do you like the natural style? For the esparto is made for you. These cheap full size headboards of only 5 centimeters and honey color will bring authenticity and mark the character of your bedroom. You will not need almost decoration. Combine it with a matching rug at the foot of the bed, cushions and textiles in white and wins warmth. They say that three is a crowd, but if we are talking about writers the truth is that we do not care. Surround yourself with the best books with this proposed library headboard. Take advantage of the space around the window and the bed to build a custom bookstore and place your favorite works.

In the lower part of the window it places the headboard with a background wide enough to place the lights and thus can read hours and hours in the bed. Everything comes back and the headboards that our grandmothers once had at home, too. This option reinterprets traditional handmade wrought iron full size headboard and footboard, but with a lighter and easier to maintain material. The white structure and floral print bedding make it more welcoming.