New Style Decorative Wall Plates Living Room

When we think of ideas to decorate a wall, also obviously painting, we come to the head the typical ideas: Pictures, vinyl, photomurals, wallpaper and sincerely little more, but, have you thought about using decorative wall plates to decorate them? The answer of many, among which I include myself, is a resounding no. And we do not usually see the dishes as an object beyond a kitchen tool, but the truth is that you can decorate the walls with them, and go if you can! So much so that some will think, if instead of spending the money on that wallpaper that he likes so much, he invests it in a small collection of decorative plates.

The truth is that with a little imagination and of course a few dishes can create authentic decorative works of any style, from a modern and original decoration to a classic and elegant through a rustic decoration. Here you have some images of what you can get with a handful of dishes and a lot of imagination. Decorative ceramic switch plates on the wall can be a striking decoration if you choose the right one. Generally, the dishes are hung with wire hooks or adhesive hooks but if you cannot get any of these hooks, you can make one yourself.

Measure the plate. Wire hooks for hanging dishes are available in different sizes, so you need to know the size of the dish before you buy them. Use a ruler or tape measure to determine the vertical length of your unique light switch covers. Buy a wire hook. You can buy standard wire hooks to hang dishes at most hardware stores and craft stores. Look for the measure that best suits the dimensions of your plate. Attach the hook to the plate. The hook should have two wire ends attached to a long spring.

You must hook the piece of wire that has the pointed center from the back of the dish to its front top. It also hooks the end that has two wires from the back to the bottom front of the mexican ceramic switch plates. He nails a nail into the wall. Decide where to place the dish and mark it with a pencil. Stick a nail in that mark. Make sure that at least half of the nail hits the wall and that there is enough space on the nail for the hook to support it. Hang the plate. Carefully hang the pointed end of the top hook onto the nail on the wall. With that, you will be finished.