Fascinate Modern Four Poster Bed: Do You Dare?

Who has not dreamed of sleeping in an impressive modern four poster bed? We imagine regal, classic beds, dressed in rich draperies. However, there are many choices for all tastes. We present you with a repertoire of modern four-poster beds that will make you fall in love. Canopy beds are not a thing of the present, but their use is very old. In times past were a sample of the status of the person who slept in them, a symbol of wealth and high social standing. However, today’s modern canopy beds can become a powerful resource for decorating a bedroom. And if not, look at these examples.

I love the canopy beds and have always thought that I would like to have one in my bedroom. I do not know why, I imagine that you should rest wonderfully in one of these beds in which the top is closed with a structure, which brings a feeling of recollection, of being clothed. Today we propose this idea as an element to decorate your bedroom, to customize it and make it different from others. Do you dare to put it into practice? Faced with the classic and stately models of four-poster beds in which the structures were richly ornamented, the modern four poster bed frame bet on simplicity. They are lightweight structures, with little decoration and often do not even have drapes that hide the bed.

It is enough to rescue the shape of the traditional canopy to give a greater protagonism to the bed, without needing to put many fabrics, curtains or mosquito nets. In this way an immense, forceful and very decorative, much more contemporary effect is achieved. The straight forms and the pure lines are the characteristic that distinguish modern canopy beds from the more traditional ones. The most common is that they are made of wood, although they may be made of iron or forge .

As for the posts, the shape of the same also distinguishes modern canopy beds from others. They can be of square or round section. Sometimes they are closed at the top with horizontal crossbars and at other times not, appearing only the modern four poster bed king. These models are simpler. Another aspect that differentiates some modern canopy beds from others is the finish. If they are of wood, they can show a natural or varnished finish, in light or dark color, or be painted of any color. In this sense, it is advisable to look at the rest of the pieces of furniture in the room to achieve a balanced effect.