Wonderful Stained Glass Window Panels

Weave light, color and imagination with these decorative tips and examples that will show you that colored crystals are also perfect for your home.  We still remember the first time we saw the rays of the sun entering through the stained glass window panels or polychrome window of a church. This work of art seemed to us pure magic and we soon understood how impressive it could be to play with light, color and forms. Luckily, this show is not limited to sacred places. You can apply your infinite possibilities to the interior of your home, taking the decoration beyond a form as original as simple. So, here are some proposals to inspire you.

In addition, they are ideal for application in a country like ours, where there is a lot of time and quality of light (colored crystals reduce the amount of light penetrating them, which makes their use more complicated in places with few hours light or more cloudy climatology). Do you love a certain chromatic range and want to bet on it in your room in a bold way? Make it into the envy of everyone using those colors in a glass. The combination of pastel shades is so round, and coexists as well with the furniture and complements of the space as curtains, carpentry of door frames and glass windows, and paint the walls..

The combination of glass without color and the yellow tone, and those separations of the metallic joinery to create a small puzzle that reminds us of a somewhat more sober Mondrian, are perfectly matched with that table of wood and iron, perfect fusion with that floor industrial style cement and the cleaning of kitchen lines and appliances. A perfect and very creative way to not see clearly this disorder or to protect something intimacy is to install a glassware of colors with more convoluted frames , and even to give the glasses of certain deformation or more thickness , to hinder the vision through they.

For all these jobs you can use the help of good glassmakers and carpenters like ours. But if you are thinking of trying a cheaper and faster option, very easy to install, you can take advantage of the wealth of possibilities offered by translucent plastic and methacrylate adhesives that you can find in DIY stores, decorations and stationery .You can even request the manufacture of a customized and custom design to cover the stained glass clearance of your house or office that you have in mind. Do you know someone who could use some great color and originality in their home?