Stylish and Beautiful Iron Queen Bed

The bed is the central element in any room, and if you prefer a romantic theme, then the bed needs an appropriate adjustment of the romantic symbols or motifs. You cannot rule out any other bed as romantic as a four-poster bed, with the grandeur of its height and the feeling of fascination of the curtains. Iron queen bed may seem simple at first, but the right design can breathe romance into your room. If you want to achieve a stylish, beautiful and personal home, you should not lose sight of materials such as wrought iron, which for decades was reserved for aristocrats, who were the only ones who could afford these pieces handcrafted, nowadays is more affordable and continues to transmit the same feelings.

Although forged furniture has room in every space of the home, there is one in which this material can achieve truly magical environments. We refer to the bedroom, where the lightness of the forge conveys class, elegance and fantasy. Navigating the net we have discovered a collection of iron beds clearance that will leave you speechless. Do you want to meet her? Romantic and elegant. Such are the iron beds of the Vintage Collection of Studio Martell . These are classics of the firm, totally handmade and made in Spain, where all the details have been taken into account.

As you can see for yourself in the images that we offer you in the gallery, it is unique and versatile furniture that will bring a unique touch to your bedroom. Traditionally, Cupid presents himself as an angelic angel with a small bow and arrow. Cupid motifs make any bed in a romantic retreat, especially when incorporated into the design of an iron canopy bed. A small cupid at each corner of the bed canopy ensures that each angle is covered by the ‘gods of love.’

These vintage beds share a light structure, with fine bars to which each model provides its details. For example, we can see spheres of iron crowning the vertices, bars with curvilinear finishes … Each detail helps soften the aesthetics of very classy pieces that can be chosen in white, black and brown oxide. Roses are a traditional romantic symbol and a beautiful motif to incorporate into the design of a wrought iron bed framed. The design of the roses can be natural or stylized, and is repeated around the edge of the canopy to give it a romantic touch.