Different Children’s Night Stand at Home

Looking to make a difference when it comes to decorating a children’s or juvenile room, why not start by placing an original children’s night stand? We can substitute this element, indispensable of course, for another piece that serves as a table, something that produces interest or impact, we can think of a thousand ideas to highlight bedside table. In line with this proposal we share a selection of inspiring images, surely you find motivation in these environments for children and youth.

Night tables are one of that furniture that we do not usually pay much attention to, but poor have an important function: if we want to have lamp, alarm clock, water, book that we read at night, etc … we need one! Also kids need to have some things on hand (mine, for example, does not sleep without their water bottle next to them), so we have chosen some  original ideas  for  bedside tables of  children. If space with which you count in your  children’s rooms  allows you, here are some  very original bedside tables  that can inspire you … Sometimes to completely change look of a piece of furniture and transform it into an original and cheerful piece, a little painting is enough.

Choice of bedside table also depends on style of decoration of room. If you like Nordic style, you can copy this simple idea: you must find a trunk, remove bark, treat wood against worm, termites and other bugs, and then paint trunk to taste, protecting it with varnish or wax.  To make better use of space we can use a container (basket, wooden box, etc.) with lid, which in addition to serving as a bedside table can be used to store things, for example bedding. In this case it is advisable not to put many things on top, so that we do not have to remove them every time we have to take something out of box. A child’s lamp will suffice.

If your children are already big for little chairs, you can use them as a bedside table. They occupy little space and are very beautiful. Another very original and low-budget option is to use knuff magazine from Ikea , they are made of wood and are sold in a 2. If you have to make a single bedside table, you can vary model and use only two magazine, increasing height of blocks of wood. In this case blocks of colors are a set of constructions, but we can also buy a wooden batten and cut it to desired size. For gluing we will use a wood tail.