How to Install Candle Holder Sconces

Candle holder sconces have been around for thousands of years. They came from the Middle Ages where the wall candle holders were used for lighting the hallways of the palace. Today this charming piece of ornamental art is used to add a sense of warmth and tranquility to the room whose walls adorn them. To install this type of candle, you must first know the state of the room where it will hang. Since this indoor wall lighting form will use candles for lighting, you should check the room to ensure that this wall candle will not be placed on the wall near objects that might be burned when the candle is on, such as the art around it, curtains, coat racks and anything which can burn.

Keep in mind that melted candles and melted candles can enter your walls and floors. To avoid this you may want to have some sort of glass cover around your candle. The cover glass is available in opaque colors or clear colors of your choice. Another good idea is to determine how high on the wall you want to place the holder. If the child is part of your household, you may want to place this holder above the reach of the children. Once you know whether you want or do not want the glass covering your candle and how high you want your holder on your wall, the next thing is to measure every wall for placement.

Depending on how much you want to place on each wall, with a tape measure, measure how high on the wall you want to place. I suggest that you measure from floor to wall and mark the wall with the proper height using a pencil. Go about 12 inches from your first wall mark and repeat this procedure. Now you have 2 pencil marks on the wall with the same height about 12 inches. Next, measure the width of the wall as high as you possibly put 2 pencils of the previous high pencil and write the size of the width on a piece of paper. Depending on how many holders you want to hang, divide the width of the wall by the number of wall candles you want to hang.

Once you know the extent of each holder, then use a tape measure, mark the wall with a pencil point in each place the holder will hang. If you place an iron wall wax holder along the side of a wall or a wall mirror, then all you have to do is measure how far from the left and right sides of the artwork you want to place on each holder.