Decorate White Twin Trundle Bed

Trundle beds are wise purchases for a child’s bedroom, guest room or hole. It’s actually a twin or full-size bed with another bed hidden under it. Just pull out the hidden bed to create an additional sleeping area when you have guests. The white twin trundle bed is a space saving choice and is perfect for homes with small bedrooms or no rooms. It’s a versatile piece of furniture because you can decorate the top bed with big pillows to create a seating area that transforms it into a daybed look.


Use a tape measure to determine the length and width of your bedroom area. This is useful to ensure that the room has enough room to expand the roll bed. Measure the white twin trundle bed fully in the showroom to make sure it fits the bedroom. Allow an extra foot or two for the one who pulls the bed out. It will be quite difficult to get in place if you do not allow this extra space. Place the roll bed next to a wall area. This makes the most effective use of space unless you have a large room where guests will sleep.

Set a floor lamp that has a shelf or table attached to the next to the roll bed. Make sure there is room for an alarm clock. This prevents you from lifting heavy furniture or moving multiple items to use roll. Another idea is to avoid having any furniture, such as a nightstand table or any other obstacle, like a radiator, on the side of the bed where you pull out a roll. This is especially useful if you use the white twin trundle bed often.

Tips and warnings

Some rolling beds lift up to double the run of the top bed, therefore, make a king size bed of an area that occupies the space for a double bed. Keep the sheets on the roll bed so that all you need to do to prepare the bed is pull it out and put a pillow and blanket. Choose overcoats that are not particularly thick for increased comfort, and they can stay on the bed as well. Hide bed pillow in an empty drawer in a chest of drawers. When you no longer need the extra mattress under a roll bed, you can get rid of it and store items below the top bed. Because the spring mattress will slide out, make it a comfortable storage space.