Wall Display Shelves Design

Although shelves are always a great option to make wall display shelves, today we go one step further and we show you the new trends in shelving design. Behind are the straight slats placed neatly in parallel, one on top of the other, it’s time to give shape, movement and color to your shelves. From shelves shaped like a little house to the children’s bedroom, to those that are shaped like diamonds, hexagon or the famous triangles. The geometric shapes are in fashion, choose the one that you like and adapt to your decoration. If the shelf you want to store tiny objects, you can add small compartments inside, with dividing shelves. You can leave the color of the natural wood or paint them, and even cover them with wallpaper or printed gift. Arrange individually or in groups if you want to create a library, it all depends on your needs.

The advantage of the ideas that we propose today is that we can also make them ourselves for little money and with exclusive designs, why do not you dare and prove it? Making this simple triangle will not cost you anything, you only need carpenter’s tail and a few wooden slats bought, although you can also make it with recycled materials, in addition to the nails to hang it on the wall. And best of its entire trend. You can do it in the size that suits you, depending on the wall cloth wherever you go, creating as many triangles as you want. Place them in a row, in opposition, creating a pattern or in a disorderly way. In addition you can also play with the color, leave them all in natural wood, paint the edge in pastel shades or create a potpourri of different shades.

You can also create simple squares, which depending on how you dispose them will become funny rhombuses. In this case it is best to combine them in a group, and if you prefer, create a composition with different sizes. If you want to innovate and add color, look how funny this idea in which we integrate the wall with the shelves through the color, for this we will paint the wall and the shelf with the same tone. However we will create a point of contrast through a second complementary color, or a color that stands out with that of the wall with which to paint the interior of the drawer, and thus make the wall more decorative.

In this case it has been used a green pulling turquoise for the edges and the wall and a yellow canary, but if you are looking for a more serene air you can paint in white and blue serenity, for a stylish and daring look and pink chicle are a great combination, but for a Nordic or urban home the black and white look great, or you can even lining the interior with some pattern.