Decorate with Basket Weave Tile

When you need an interesting business to do with your family or friends, consider decorating basket weave tile. Ceramic tiles vary in price and size, and when decorated, can make a big party gift, gift, drink and roller coaster or artwork. Next time you need a sadness buster, stay at home improvement and craft stores to get the accessories you need to decorate your own tiles.


The art of decoupage applies paper on all surfaces to create an artistic look, as you would have a collage. When decoupage a basket weave tile, the construction can be as simple or complicated as you like. To do this project, you need a ceramic tile, medium grain sandpaper, soap, water, photos from magazines or photographs, an old brush and decoupage glue. First, until it no longer light sand tops of the tile a shiny look. Then wash the tiles with detergent and water and rinse it well. Allow the plate to dry completely. Apply decoupage glue to the back of the image or photograph you want to use on tiles and place it on the tray. Do this with all the pictures you want to use. When done, apply the images to tiles; brush a thin layer of decoupage glue over the entire top of the tiles and over the pictures. Then apply two more layers of decoupage glue over tiles, making each layer dry completely.


Using a similar technique used to create mosaics of pieces of old tiles and tiles, you can create a mosaic on a ceramic tile. To make a mosaic on a ceramic tile, you need a tile, medium grain sandpaper, soap, water, tile wiping iron, old tiles or tiles, craft paste, joint pulp, a wood resurrection stick for mixing paint and a sponge. Gently slip the top of the tile until it no longer has a glossy look.  Arrange the pieces you cut on the tiles in a pattern you like and glue them to tiles with craft glue. Allow the glue to dry overnight. Then use the same wooden stick to spread the work evenly between all the cracks in your mosaic. Using a damp sponge, wipe the excess sprays that are over the plates and pieces of the plate into your mosaic, but do not remove any grout from the cracks in your creation. Allow grouting to dry overnight. Create your own artwork on a ceramic tile by painting an image or design on it. To do this, mix three parts of a clear glass of liquid for acrylic paints with a part of an acrylic paint. Use a brush to apply paint and allow it to dry when done.