Industrial Media Console Accessories

Accessorizing an industrial media console can add as much drama to a room, and a nice mix of accessories is usually the best look. Below I will give you tips on how to properly shop a console table so it looks best! There is generally never enough storage in a home or garage, but this is a problem that can be easily addressed. Installing the fastener console is an easy way to add much needed storage to a pantry, bathroom or garage. Install shelves using Gips anchors to make sure they are safe.


First select a color palette. What room is your console table in? The item? The dining room? What colors are in your room? You will probably want to continue in that style and color. If your room is green, cream and blue for example, you want to hold on to these colors, but do not be shy to add another color for extra POP. Maybe a hot pink or deeper shade of blue or green. I love white and glass accessories, as they go with all colors in every room! Select the accessories. You may already have at home, or you may need to buy them. I recommend that you start with an orchid at the center of the height.

If you do not want to use an orchid, you can get a high vase with some artificial flowering branches, such as Magnolia, for height. This may be at the center, or aside for a more asymmetrical look. You do not want everything at the same height; Contrast in size and shape is what makes for an interesting arrangement. Never underestimate the power of books as styling tools! Industrial media console or some bound books that cover in similar colors work well. Make a stack of two or four books-always make sure you have the biggest book on the bottom, working up to the smaller ones.

You can leave these alone-or place a small item on top example a nice candle in a glass container or a round object like a blown glass of orb or something more fun like a magnifying glass! Layer poster to the front and part at the back of the table as you move along; work outward from your highest point. This gives the table motion and keeps all objects from being in the same plane or in a perfect line. Smaller trays with recycled candles or small sweet dishes are nice, or even a blown glass of octopus! Have fun with your mix of accessories-and remember to keep moving and blend into new pieces until you get to a more beautiful look that you love!