Building Wine Bar Furniture

Building a wine bar furniture in an existing kitchen cabinet is an elegant and stylish way to customize your kitchen and showcase your wine collection. Although there are many free plans for stand-alone, wall-mounted and modular wine rack available online, if you want to create a built-in wine rack in your kitchen shutters, you are the most on your own.


Remove cabinet doors, shelves and shelf brackets from the cabinet. Measure the depth of your kitchen cabinet. The cabinet depth measurement becomes the length measurement for shelf side brackets. If you want to close the door, the cabinet depth should be at least 20 inches. If your cabinet is not so deep, you can still build a custom wine rack in it. Simply leave the door off for an open wine rack Determine how many shelves you can build into your wine rack. Measure the height of the cabinet and divide by 10 inches. This will provide enough room for air circulation between the shelves. Cut side brackets from 1-by-6 inch boards. For each pair of side fasteners, the board interprets the length of the cabinet depth. Rip in length to make two shelf consoles. Measure 6 inches in from the front on one edge of each console piece. Select a 1-inch width with 1 1/2 inch deep score at that point. Using a router piece or stacked dado leaf on your table saw, cut out the slots. Repeat steps above to cut a second set of slots 2 inches from the rear end of the top edge of each shelf bracket. Sand and finish the side bracket as desired.

Measure the width of the inside of the cabinet. Drill holes along the center line with a 1 5/8 inch hole saw. Rip the board in length to make two shelves fronts. Draw a line along the length of the center of each wine rack shelf back. Measure and mark the center of each wine cradle. Cut hole along the center line according to the mark, with a 4-inch hole saw. Rip length to make two shelves backs from each part.  Sand and finish vinegar shelves before mounting. Measure placement of wine rack shelves on each side of the inside of the kitchen cabinet. Secure the brackets securely to the sides of the inside of the cabinet using a wooden screw and glue. Make sure the scored edges are up and the 6-inch length is against the front of the cabinet. Shoot the wine rack shelf backs in the slots on the back of the shelf consoles. Sand to fit when needed.