Perfectly Futon Mattress Covers Design

You have a perfectly good futon that you would like to use as a sofa and an extra bed. The only problem is that the futon mattress covers on the mattress is stained, broken, or just hopelessly outdated. With a little material and simple sewing techniques, you can bring that futon from its hiding place and put it back into circulation. And, if someone wants to think you’ve bought a new one, let them think that. Only you need to know the truth. Read on to learn how to make a cover for a futon. Remove your mattress off the futon and place it in the center of the floor. Make sure you can reach the four sides of the mattress.

Using your tape measure, measure the length of the mattress first. Write down your figures. Measure the width of the mattress below. Write down your figures. Now, measure the height (or thickness, as is known) of the mattress. Turn your inches to yards. Remember that 36 inches (91.44 cm) are equal to one yard. Using your converted measurements, purchase the amount of fabric you will need, as well as the needles and thread, and the fasteners you have decided to use for the project. Wash the fabric before starting to sew. This will “adjust” the colors as well as prevent the entire futon mattress big lots from shrinking.

Be sure to follow the correct cleaning procedures for the type of fabric you are using. Allows the fabric to dry completely. Place the fabric on the floor (the design down, if it has a design). You may want to put a sheet, blanket, or any other type of protection in the first place. Make sure it is completely flat. Put the futon mattress on the top of the futon covers walmart, making all four sides are the same distance from the edges of the fabric. Use your tape measure to be sure. Fold the fabric over and hold with pins or a tape on the mattress. Do not be stingy with the pins or tape, as you will turn the mattress to check the fit.

Fold futon covers target into corners and secure with pins or tape securely. You will want the corners to remain joined together when you remove the fabric to sew it and when attaching the fasteners. Turn the mattress over; make sure the material is tight enough to remove any bagged, sagging or wrinkled but not so tight that the fasteners do not hold when the futon is in its upright position. If necessary, fold the mattress a few times and make any adjustments as necessary.